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Related article: Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 11:46:58 -0800 (PST) From: Harold Spenser Subject: Adult Theater AdventureAdult Theater Adventure (MMM) A true story I am a Bi married man but was away from my home and was spending the summer in an 1880s cabin back in the mountains helping work an old gold mine. I had not been to the city for almost a month, so decided Lolita Bbs Pics to see what I could find on Sat night. I am happy with a man's cock or ladies cunt being someone that is easy to please! I went to a adult theater that had several different screens in it. I entered one of the theaters and saw an empty seat along the isle so I sat down to let my eyes get accustomed to the darkness and watch the group orgy on the screen. I had my cock out and the man next to me reached over to play with it and soon was sucking my very hard 7" meat. While I was enjoying this, some one else came in and stood just inside the door, which was by my seat. While his eyes adjusted he took out his about 8" long but very thick cock and was stroking it, eyes on the screen. I watched for a couple of minutes and as it was only about a foot from me I reached over and touched his hand which he immediately moved out of the way. As I took his cock in my hand he turned towards me so I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking, stroking, nibbling and flicking my tongue across the crown and around the nice swollen head. Some deep throat, then more sucking and stroking. This went on for about 15 min, me sucking this nice hard, thick cock while the guy next to me is devouring my meaty tool. The man I'm sucking is moaning and his cock has swollen a bit and is beginning to pulse when it suddenly started pumping hot, slightly salty man juice into my mouth as I frantically swallowed more and more, as he pumped about 4 loads Lolita Bbs Pics into my sucking mouth. He finally stopped and went slightly soft and pulled back saying, "Thanks man, I needed that!" He moved off and took a seat 2 rows down. As I swallowed the last of his hot sperm it triggered my cock and I started cumming in the mouth of the man seated next to me, and it was all swallowed. I reached over and began to stroke the cock next to me, it was a thin one about 7" and I leaned over and began to suck on it. He only lasted about 5 min then gave me small slightly bitter load of his sperm. He tucked in and left the theater and I moved down to the middle of the row. After a few min. a short man got up from the row in front of me and moved back to the seat next to me. He immediately reached over and grabbed my exposed cock and began gently playing with it and stroking it. I reached for his and found a short one about 2" long! I played with the head a bit then as I ran my finger down to his balls, but instead I found a very tight wet pussy! This was a first for me and I spent about 15 minutes finger fucking his/her pussy as well as caressing the head of his cock while he continued to stroke me until I came in his hand. He licked his hand clean, then got up and left, never saying a word! I leaned back with a limp cock in my lap and watched the movie for a while feeling pretty satisfied with the evening. About 15 minutes later a guy sat down in the seat next to me, took out his cock and began to stroke it and as I watched my cock came back to life and became quite hard. I was not touching my cock, just letting it rise to the occasion. He looked at my cock for a few min, then reached over and began to stroke it. My cock responded to his touch by getting harder and thicker. I reached over and took his cock and began to stroke it. we just jacked each other off for awhile, then I leaned over and began to suck on the head of his cock while I stroked the shaft, gradually working more and more of his cock into my mouth. He had a large cock about 8" long but it must have been almost 2-1/2" thick! What a nice mouthful! He was now holding my cock and moving his hips as I sucked him and stroked his balls some. I could feel him getting closer and closer to his climax, I really love the feel of a hard cock as it throbs, pulses and finally gives me my reward of hot, thick, tasty man juice. I could hardly believe that I had been able to suck 3 cocks and had goten a load from each, and the eve wasn't done as I sucked 2 more cocks, but neither came, and also got sucked on 2 more times. I enjoy an occasional session with several cocks at once but so far in the last 5 years the opportunity has not presented it's self, except for one meeting with 2 other men several months ago. If you enjoy my story, drop me a line.
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